Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Yakima

I carried my little waterproof point and shoot in my pocket yesterday while out fly fishing on the Yakima River. Off and on throughout the day I used it as a video camera. Late in the afternoon when the sun was just minutes from hiding behind the hillside I saw this image and thought, 'damn, I wish I had a still camera'. Then I remembered that I actually did and switched it from video to photo mode and made this image. The power comes from the contrast of the hillside in the shadows and the light illuminating my buddy Rob in the foreground. Keeping this as a color image would have just weakened it.

Here's the little video I took too. I dropped them into a simple editing program and added some music.


  1. very cool video!! i really like the song,

    the picture is too small though!!

  2. Kylee/Hippie...That song is Ryan Bingham (i suggested it) it's courtesy of my own blog's pal and yaya friend, equeyaya.

    If you click on the photo it will be larger.

  3. What a pleasant (and relaxing) couple of minutes. Thanks for taking us down the river with you.

    And the B&W is stunning.