Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Leaving the Puyallup Fair with my brother-in-law Troy we came across Mr. Sunglasses getting ready to close up shop.  I liked the silhouette but before I could get my camera out, he backed away.  After waiting for him to return, I finally just walked up and asked if he'd stand there again for this cool picture.   He barked 'NO!!!', so we left him to his cheap sunglasses and bad attitude (although I probably wouldn't have been too happy either trying to sell sunglasses on a dark, rainy night).  

Down the way I realized I had to go back and try again, so I worked my way around with camera ready. Finally he moved near the tarp for a few seconds and I made this picture.  I GOT YOU, MR.SUNGLASSES DUDE!  Ok, it wasn't as good of a silhouette, but sometimes you just take your small victories wherever you can.-ha
ps- (you can click on the picture twice to see it bigger)