Sunday, July 5, 2009

To HDR or not ....

I took this image last Fall thinking I should HDR (high dynamic range) it and make it into a card for work. The only problem, I was on the run with no tripod and no students to fill the scene. But I took several hand-held bracketed images anyway. Using Photomatix I dropped in the bracketed images, pushed the 'align' button, messed with the tonal mapping, dropped it into Photoshop, bumped up the contrast, cropped it and tada........ another surreal, overdone image! But I don't care, I still kind of like it! :)


  1. i do not like HDR because it reminds me of Thomas Kindkade painting, which is the Yanni of the art world.

  2. you know what was really cool? My acapcha was "jobult"

  3. see here is my hillbilly comin out again - I like Thomas Kinkade! But Im not crazy about Yanni - lmao!!

    The acapcha is the word used to approve the comment. I didnt know it either when she first used it on my blog but I finally figured it out - lol.