Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Rolling along

My niece and I broke away for about an hour to see what we could see. We spent most of our time taking pics at an old grange hall. Coming back I saw this old tire store and couldn't resist. It was the repetition of form and texture that pulled me in. They say to avoid photographing at noon because the light is boring but the straight up light is what made this work.


  1. I think you should have this made into a Hallmark card. It could be a card you buy your boyfriend/girlfriend to give when you want to break up. Inside it would read:

    "I'm tired of you.
    Hit the road."

  2. Or:

    "our relationship has lost it's tread"

  3. Thanks you two for the comments.

    The hallmark card could also say, "When the rubber meets the road...you should too". :)

  4. Or, as our friend P'thena would say:


  5. lololol omg I actually LOL so hard I snorted!!

  6. LOL, pearl. now why didn't think of that one!