Wednesday, July 15, 2009


On Monday I was tasked to photograph a student for a high gloss publication. I was a little uncomfortable with this because I hadn't taken portraits in awhile and never was all that good setting up posed lighting shots (one of my least favorite types of photography).

Getting her picture taken made her understandably nervous too so to loosen up we walked around the campus with me occasionally putting the camera in her face (the equivalent of me saying...cheese! ).

An hour before I scoped out the places I thought would make good backgrounds so was just casually leading her to each of those spots, including one room all set up with studio lighting. We both talked and started loosening up and I was getting some passable images, but by the time I needed to bring her back for her video interview, I still wasn't feeling like I really had an image that would do her proper justice.

She did a great job with the interview and when it was over I could tell she felt good about it all and was finally able to relax. She was standing near the window, I loved the natural lighting, so I walked up to her thanking her for everything and asked her to give me one last look of satisfaction. I used a fill flash to get some catchlight in her eyes and lighten her face a bit. It only took a matter of seconds to shoot and was by far the best image I got of her that day.
ps- you can click on the image to see a larger version.

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