Monday, December 28, 2009

Play it again Sam!

(Looking through Eastern Europe images I made a few years ago, I dug up some that hadn't made it into my favorites pile but interest me more now when I see them with a fresh eye...hope you find them somewhat interesting too.)

Trying to figure out how to get to the outskirts of Budapest on a city bus system without understanding a lick of the local language, was an adventure in itself, one that lasted 2 hours until I finally arrived at my destination, a large, run-down, but popular with the locals, flea market.   The goal seemed simple, find something authentic and unique!  To start off I couldn't resist this toothy piano just begging to have it's picture taken.  But it gets better, stay tuned next week for my post on...the Intimidator!  Otherwise known as the steely-eyed hungarian mafia king pin posing as a bicycle repair man!

Click above picture to see it larger


  1. when were you in budapest, brian? we tried to navigate it on the train to the market? well, my friends did and i just tagged along, lol!

  2. this piano seems like it's giving a mischievious smile

  3. Hi equeyaya,
    ooops, I missed that you posted a comment....sorry!
    I was in Budapest in 2004....You were there too? Wasn't it great? We went to the market too. What did you think of that place?

  4. I was there in 2001 - we returned to JFK airport just a week or so before the attacks. I have a very funny photo in the market of my friend grossing out in front of a tank of sickly looking fish. I liked the architecture of that building a lot.

    Wherever we go, I always love checking out the markets - somehow they are the same but different everywhere. You get a definite flavor of the culture of a country. The meat hanging in the open, the local crafts, the people begging the tourists for some change.

  5. Yes,I agree, the markets are fantastic. I lived in Guadalajara for a few months when I was in college and we always went to the Marcado Libertad. My favorite lunch place in the market was a dreary joint in the corner...they had a huge vat of beans on the stove. Flies would be buzzing, they'd break the top of the crust of beans to fill a ladle of ones underneath and serve it with homemade tortillas. I think it all cost about 15 cents. Amazing I didn't come down with anything. :)