Saturday, August 15, 2009

Texas Hold 'Em Up!

At a family reunion in Texas my cousins kids were happily playing together in a corner of the room.  I went over and got some cute mug shots but also wanted something more creative.  I asked, if I was a movie star photographer how would they like to pose?  I had no idea what they would come up with as the boys  grabbed their toy guns and pretended to shoot their sister. The fact that she seemed to care less makes the image more compelling.  What works for me is the images symmetry and mix of 'adorable' vs 'disturbing'. 

You may click on the image to see it larger.


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  2. Hi Brian! I'm Barbara - a friend of Jo's...

    I love that photo, but I actually think your empty-head profile photo is more disturbing! lol!

  3. Hi equeyaya, I know you! Thanks for checking out my pics! :)

    Ha, yeah good point, maybe I should replace it with another one I have of my head on the punching nun handpuppet. ha

  4. i love this picture even more knowing that they picked the pose!! i thought you planned the pose! awesomeness :)

  5. I like it Brian! I like the top-empty head shot too - it's like your mind is open and absorbing new things.

    Were you in TX recently? What part? Im south-central near Austin. HOT as hell here.

  6. OOps, I didn't realize I had more posts. Am still getting used to this blogging thing! :) Hi grits! This was two years ago when I was at my Aunts 80th Bday party in Rankin hour south of Midland. Hope Austin's cooled down a bit by now for ya.