Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sorry Joyce!

This is one of those images where you just start doodling with ideas that never really work.  I have no idea what the image means except that I was trying to copy famed photographer, Joyce Tennison's style.

My niece, Kylee, was my victim who briefly tolerated being posed.  I guess if I was serious about the image I would have asked her to wear something different than a spanish Coca Cola shirt, but then in hindsight someone could look at it and ponder, is there an ethnic meaning behind this?? It could have been one of those little accidents that sometimes make an image more interesting.  

I briefly thought about using butterflies instead of feathers but then why be trite?  At least with a feather you get to ponder again.   

In fact I'm pondering right now as to why I'm even putting this in my photo journal. I made this image a couple of years ago and didn't do anything with it then.  I still won't do anything with it except put it in this journal and say...what was that all about??  :)


  1. I do like it though in that it's kind of a fun and different picture of Kylee.

  2. Baybee, you know i always thought it was a weird photo. I realize how much more I like Kylee with shorter hair. Kylee don't ever grow your hair out this long again even if it does make you look like a hippie chick!