Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Vortex

So what is a vortex anyway?  That was the question I asked while looking into hiking around Sedona last week.  The answer, 'vortexes are energy centers in the earth where spiritual and psychic powers are enhanced.' Sedona has a whole bunch in the surrounding hills where people come to interact with them.  'it's not easily explained, it must be experienced.", I was told.    Cool!  I'll go with that!

Pecking around on a map I found the Boynton Canyon vista, believed to be one of the more powerful vortexes. 
It also said while most people go there to pray, mediate and heal, some experience premonitions, see energy waves, and if you take pictures you might find hovering orbs of light in your images.      

So off to Boynton Canyon vista I went.  Refraining from whistling or yodeling I respectfully made a few photos, and enjoyed the whole peaceful experience.   I admit I didn't catch anything other than my breath (the terrain is a mile high) and a warm sunny day surrounded by a wonderful view.   I liked it so much I brought Jo back up with me later.  

It wasn't until today though, while processing my images, that I remembered what they said about 'hovering orbs' in vortex photos.  If you click in the image above a few times, or look at the insert below, you'll notice the lady sitting in the rocks and there is indeed a mysterious orb hovering over her.   (I promise I didn't put it there!)   Any other time I would have called that a lens flare ....... what do you think?   

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