Saturday, March 13, 2010

In a fog!

It's always a photo event when the fog drifts in.   This is a common occurrence in the wee morning hours at the park next to my home.    While looking for something interesting to photograph and pondering why I just didn't stay in bed a little longer I saw from a distance this couple out for their morning walk and talk.

From my original angle the top of the man's head was blending into the dark background so I stood on a clump of grass on my tip toes just barely getting all of his silhouette to show.   The foreground really didn't add to the picture so I cropped it out bringing more attention to the line of fog leading to the couple.

A few minutes later these Rangers ran by.  The light was so low I had to use a slower shutter speed which made it a bit blurry but the thin drift of fog makes it a little more interesting to me.  Also those are some short shorts they must have been required to wear.   My guess, they wanted to get their run over before anyone saw them.


  1. hahaha! those guys should be running for cover in those awful shorts.

    i do like the first one a lot.

  2. why are those shorts so short?

    I like the first one. It looks like they are walking on water in the small view.